Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi all,
Well I spent three days in Marina Rubicon, and left in the afternoon Wednesday, and just went round the corner to Playa De Las Mujere, there are 4 untouched beaches in this area, various sizes but all with golden sands, spent the afternoon and night anchored 500 yards off the beach. Posn. 28,51.18 013,47.63. Thursday not a lot of wind so left the achorage and went up the east side to Purto Calero, Posn 28,55.04 013,42.07 and booked in for 2 nights. I have been here many times before while Elect. Eng. aboard Midnight Saga 1, 2 and last time the delivery trip of Saga 3. Its a duty free place and I had a mission here. Have been trying to get an in car power supply for my Laptop, tried everwhere in UK before I left, and everywhere I've been with no success, this time Benji's duty free shop in Purto Del Carman (a short taxi ride away) had exactly what I needed, so now no more probs charging computer when in the Ogin.
My next plan is to try for Santa Cruz, Isla de la Palma, have a forecast today Sat 26 that could be perfect if it stays that way, would let me go south about with the wind going from North into the southwest, I could pass all the Ilses on the way.
Las Palmas is filling up rapidly now with the boats taking part in this years ARC rally so would be a bit hectic, I also need to see the places Ive never been, so doing the Nav. and a bit of shopping and Ill let you know were I am later, hopefully today.
PS. After getting the power supply I went to Muligans Irish bar in del Carmen and suprise, it was Guinness 250 year celibration night! well I wont go into that story here.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know Roy. Does that mean that you can keep in touch with us all whilst crossing the Atlantic?
    In the meantime, enjoy the guiness! Thanks for the email.