Sunday, September 27, 2009

move update

Hi All,
I left Purto Calero at 1200 after taking 140 ltr fuel at .65 euro per ltr. cheapest yet, gauge still shows full but took advantage.
Lovely day with a good wind from the NW. Down the east coast of Fuerteventura avaraging 5.8knts wind F3-4 on the beam, arrived in Purto Gran Tarajal at 2245 and anchored off the beach at 2300 Position: 28,12.51N , 14,1.22W. Passed an amazing beach at the north of the island, massive.
Off to have a look at Morro Jable this morning, see if I fancy staying a bit, if not will carry on to Gran Canaria as wind and forecast good with a clear day.
More later

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  1. if you're going to Gran Canaria look at Tasartico which is situated on the next bay to Porto Rico going to Morgan. Mich used to spend a lot of time there before he met me. He says see if Lether Dennis is still there! Lyn XX