Monday, September 21, 2009

Arrival Lanzarote

Hi Folks,
Well I arrived at last, made it to Playa Blanca in the south Marina Rubicon. That took quite a long time as I was becalmed for awhile (36hrs) wind came back from the SE so couldn't even go were I wanted, that lasted till late in the afternoon when it backed round again, only a F1 though, didn't pick up till Sat night, I received the forecast at 2300hrs and it had changed, they now said Canaries had changed from a high pressure to a high low pressure! contradiction I know but means wind will get very strong, near gale in the south, so decision time again, have been on course for Graciosa island and this was still 5 hours away, didnt want to go over the top of the Island in a high NE wind, so chose to go down the west coast to the south, this was 8 hours away, as expected the high wind hit the north Canaries as well as south (not forecasted to happen) wind kept getting stronger all night, by Sun morning I was going downwind over 8knts! too fast but couldn't slowdown, finally at 9am I got shelter from the wind and came round the bottom corner, no other pics yet, it started to pour down with rain and strong gusting wind, made putting the sails away a 2 hour effort, in the Marina Rubicon at 2pm.
Noticed Phil has joined the blog, brave man, he sails 17ft daysailors alone across the Bay of Biscay from Poole, welcome r kid, you must tell me your latest adventure, after this present one leaves you iching for another chalange.
More later

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  1. Well done, Roy. Have a few days onshore to relax and let go! Please let us know what you decide after this, luv, Margaret