Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morro Jable

Hi All,
Wind got a bit strong in the afternoon (Sunday), I was tootling along merrily, doing about 4knts, and in the middle of my lunch wouldnt you just know, a nice breeze from the south, when suddenly all hell broke loose on deck, I popped my head out to see what was happening, the wind had changed 180deg in 1 second, to a strong breeze from the north, of course Fred carnt cope with things like that and a very busy half an hour followed changing everything over too the other tack. The wind stayed in the north getting up to a F5 boat 8.4knts as I came to the Headland, Punta de Morrow Jable.
Well what a suprisingly nice little place this is, but not the port, after anchoring inside for 3 hours, and dragging every couple of minutes (the wind fluking all the time) decided to go outside to the beach and anchor 200yds off, opposite the Pub! (there is a big rock to hide behind from the wind) Position: 28,2.83N , 14,21.7W, when happy I popped ashore in the dinghy for drinky poo's. There are a couple of hotels and holiday apartments here but they havn't destroyed the place at all, the beach is fantastic! I think anyone would enjoy a holiday here, it is really nice. Ended up in another bar that had a live group starting at 2300 and spent a pleasant few hours chatting to locals and listening to good music. Didn't do very much at all on Monday.
Have pic's but no internet, will post catchup later.

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