Monday, August 3, 2009

Camarinas to Baiona

well folks after fitting the new Cranze iron I celebrated of course and went to a sardines ba-ba-q in the street. Good fun but next morning I was up at 7am and got the boat ready for sea, this included lifting the main anchor which had dragged in the F7 of the day before, when up I had a weed ball the size of my dingy, took half an hour to get it off but there inside was my anchor I thought it had gone, the kedge as normal had worked first time but hadnt felt too safe in F7 hanging on a rope.
Anchor away at 10am and off I went, at the entrance is a church right on the beach rocks so picy of that, forecast was for N or NW wind F4 to F5 perfect. It was the best days sail Ive ever had in Guiding Light, with Fred helming I was free to fine tune everything, it is also the first time Ive gone downwind for any length of time, I came up on Finistere very quickly and because everything was going so well decided to give it a miss so picy of the Cape and lighthouse. It stayed like that up till 3am next morning when the wind finally died, and I had to motor the last couple of hours and nav my way into the Ria, (lots and lots of rocks), arrived at 7-30am tying up at 0800. a couple of picys of the town.

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  1. Roy, that self-steering installation really looks serious compared with my basic Windpilot Pasific Light. Bit of a walk out over the end to do some tinkering!