Monday, August 31, 2009

Part Two

Hi everyone,
Well the second part of the jouney started yesterday 30 August at 0900hrs when we left Baiona Marina bound for Porto Santo in the Arquipelago Da Madeira 660 odd nautical miles. We had met a couple on another boat who were also going to leave for Purto Santo on Sunday morning and we both left at the same time, (Race ON) after sorting ourselves out and hoisting all sail the early morning breeze wasnt quite enough to stop us flopping about so we motor sailed the first couple of hours until the breeze got strong enough, since then we couldnt have wished for better wind, waves and weather, our exact position as I write this now is
40,43.90N , 10,33.61W Speed: 6 knots, Course: 237 deg. Wind north west F4. on a beam reach.
We have about 4 days to go if it remains as good as this. We had many ships pass us during the night as we started crossing the main shipping lanes at 2300hrs and finished at 0800hrs today, speed all night has been between 5 and 7knts. Further updates will be posted during the journey, Fred is driving the boat extremley well and saving Llew and myself a lot of phyisical effort.
More Soon

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