Friday, August 7, 2009

Visit to Ria De Vigo

Left the marina at Baiona at 6am this morning Fri 07. August, as there are some high northerly winds F7 expected Fri and Sat, and I didnt like the berth in a north wind, have gone round the corner into Ria De Vigo to see the sights, went under the road bridge looking for somewhere sheltered to anchor, found nowhere suitable at the top so came half way back and am now anchored opposite the city of Vigo itself, the little bay is called Ensalada De Moana and the town 'Moana' Position: 42,16.92N , 8,43.43W, its full of fish farms, there is another place a bit further called 'Cangas' but the ferries go to and from Vigo every 30 mins all day so very busy, didnt fancy that, again fantastic scenery have taken more pics and a movie, will blog them when next on internet. Am now looking for somewhere I can have my forgotton bits, and a few new bits, posted to, by Lynne my sister, Ill look in a bar first, seem to be finding lots of contacts in bars. Oh forgot to say why I spent so long in Baiona, I have finally had to replace the last remaining battery fitted in 1994! it was on engine start duty when the other two got ruined, but has since been rotated with the two new ones, its sort of reduced the life of the battery that was on service with it so that is now a spare. I managed to get identical batteries they are 'AC Delco Freedom' Maint free.


  1. Hya Roy!: now comunication by internet. Sorry to don't do this before. How is it going in the south of GaliZa? Now we are in Fontan, more or less most of mum's family. We had to fit everything at home to get it ready to stay in it and my brothers never guiive a hand, they are very chicky cos they use the house too. I had work in the serie, less than normal cos we are finishing this first thirteen chapters, the last day that i went was this last friday in Vigo in a hotel's terrace roof, it's an old big hotel in center town that suppously it's the newspaper's building. I also had some performances with the clown company where i used to work with a play called 'the fliying chair' about a circus that is a completly disaster. We have a performance in Vigo this next friday. I saw in your photos the broken piece and the new one, good work. How is the Guiding Light powerfull battery?buah! since 1994! Do u still in Moaña and Cangas? I know some people from there, in fact my character in the serie is from Cangas and it use to take the ferry everyday. We went there at the beguining of the recording to record some of the moments that i or her take the ferry to go to Vigo. Well i know some good people from there and tell me if yo need somenthing even thought only to know where is another guiness place. I have to post you the photos that my mum and Carmen took, both ask for you and send you hugs like everyone, my dad, grandad, Sonia, Keka, etc... Waiting for your news send u loads of fresh galician hugs

  2. Well again the one who sing is not the one who write. But this time is more me than the last one cos Maquinaria Pesada is our little theater company with wich we did the play As Vingadoras directing by John Wright and based in The Avengers with Emma Peel and John Steed and this is our blog