Sunday, August 2, 2009

Leaving A-Coruna (Sada) and Arriving Camarinas

Dont no why Images load back to front, never mind, The promised Pics of my last night in A-Coruna before leaving Sada Marina, I had decided on early doors that night, some food and the Nordeast and a few drinks in the canllela bar, wrote a text to the girls and just about to send when Isabel told me I had to go to La Madame bar to say goodbye, cut a long story but a party started as I arrived at 1130pm Isabele dressed up in medieval kit performed the making of the local brew chanting the ancient Galizian sayings, (pic 1) it was a medieval festival in Coruna, much drink Sonia closed the bar time ? 2am I think (The Bar Pic2 l-r Keka me Isabel Sonia) then off to a disco, dont remember the name but we had a good time dancing around, me like a demented idiot. Sonia took me back to Sada and dropped me there maybe 4-30 but I think it was more like 6am. Next pic is leaving Coruna with the Tower of Hercules in the foreground and next Pic is arriving at the entrance to Ria de Camarinas.

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