Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ria de Vigo

Hi all, Have only uploaded video this time as its a 360deg view of Ria De Vigo, no comentary. I spent two days going to all the little towns around the Ria, there are many Viverio's (fish farms which appear to be rope grown mussel farms) to negotiate not adviseable at night as they are unlit, big and very low on the water, (nearly hit one at 6am frightened me to death) the start of video is the city of Vigo itself, then panning round (road bridge at the top) to the opposite side and ending with the Islands at the entrance, I visited them as well they are beautiful too, they have one magic place for cruising about here, well worth a holiday to, there is so much to see, most of the towns have an original bit of 'the old town' still standing. At Biaona I found a chapel that had been built by the Romans and destroyed in 1585 by 'Sir Francis Drake' the renowned (in Spain) English Pirate! I also found out the English gave this bay a name 'Bay one' it is the first bay outgoing ships from England would stop to take on water and provisions, gradually that name changed 'Bay uno' to todays 'Baiona'.
I am now ready to go to Puerto Santo in Madiera, Llew a good friend from Beaumaris is flying out on Monday for 3 weeks ish, and we will give it a go, weather as always permiting. Thanks to you Isabel, for your very good comment, its good to know I have many Galizian friends now, I will be seeing you again on my way back, meantime Ill keep in touch whenever I can.

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