Monday, September 17, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Hi all,
Something I forgot to mention last week was a fund raising for a local guy I took part in, a 'Bachelor Auction'. Cos of the many pics, I've only chosen a few too show here.

The show begins
 You were introduced to all the single ladies present, then had to show off your wares so to speak. I did something different.
Jacket followed by socks
Having borrowed some 'gear' from a friend, and 'dancing' to Joe Cockers 'You can leave your Hat on' I started to Strip !
Then the shocker
First dressed in a bomber jacket, skirt and black socks, I finally took off a black jacket to reveal underneath a 'real' quick release type, strippers costume !
and the skirt
Then the skirt with lots of shimmies. I was causing an uproar with the packed venue.
Then after 'milking it for a bit.
imagine the music or play the tune while you look
And getting April, the auctioneer, to take off the bra.
it was quick release honest
I did a final pose, and scored the highest bid for the night. $100 !
Da Daaaaa
And NO I didn't take any more off.
Rules were, the winning lady has you for six hours, her choice of location, and her cost !
I'm not saying anthing about THAT !

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