Sunday, September 2, 2012

The engine

Hi again,
Some more pics of were I am up to at the moment.
Pic 1 after 4 days engine ready for extraction

 Pic 2 Extracted into the saloon

 Pic 3 what a mess

 After another 3 days of cleaning and washing, pics of treating all the iron work 

 pic 7 followed by 2 coats of rust converter and then primed with metalic primer

 pic 8 and 9 and finally after 2 coats of white bilge paint

 Engine room is ready to put engine back in
The other thing I did was remove the deadwood holding bolts, well I removed the two I found, but the third one wasn't to be seen, I couldn't knock it through  either. So during the cleaning a trial hole was drilled over 2 ft long through the stern knee and keel. I didn't get that right. So another hole was drilled, carefully! that was no good either, well not for holding the deadwood, but ok for the iron floor. I had over 2 ft to drill with a bronze 5/8 bolt fwd and aft, aiming at only a 3" wide bit of wood, It had to come out dead centre and miss the missing bolt and the other floor bolt still in position.
So armed with the 2-1/2 foot long drill and being very nervous I eyeballed it all again took a deep breath and drilled a third hole through the boat bottom. Success! missed the bolt by 3/4" and dead centre!
So now I can put the deadwood in position drill mounting holes, replace the deadwood and finish the last bit of hull damage.


  1. I have a strange feeling that Guiding Light wanted a Birthday...went out for a night on the rocks and has been recovering ever since!! Looking great Roy and when its all together, whats the plan?

  2. Wow Roy, no half-fast-effort there either.
    That boat is gonna look brand spanking new again.

    Good to read up on your work.

    we're still in Grenada sanding and varnishing most of the woodwork.
    sanding down the wheel to bare wood. Fun fun fun!

    keep up the good work and see you in NZ (2014?)