Saturday, March 12, 2016

Absolutly up to date

Hi all,
Looking on the bright-side of things, I had a great sailing experience on Guiding Light, its the longest I've ever done against such a strong wind (don't forget I cannot reef the main, and I was flying both jibs as well), she goes so well through the water so hard on the wind, 2 things have shown themselves up.
1) float switch positions and bilge pump positions were defiantly not in the right place for sustained travel heeled hard over at 30 or more degrees in big Ocean waves ((12 feet or more)my first time in GL)).
2) I know no-one is going to believe me, but, my record of sustained speed has gone up from  9.2 Knts to approx 10 Knts! this was on Tuesday before I changed course and during the days journey into the lee of Puerto Rico,  my plotter was showing 9.5 as a low end speed and 11.8 as a top end speed and not dropping below those speeds, sometimes for over an hour at a time, even the current could not account for that! because I had streamed my walker Excelsior IV Log! and I was double checking speed though the water with it! it's a bit unbelievable to me too.

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