Saturday, March 12, 2016

SMS Update

Hi Everyone,
Sat comms not completely successful, but learned a lot on what to do and not to do to make it work, this took a few days  to find out, so some went missing, I will not post the past only bring you up to date from last SMS MSG.

Thurs 10 March,
In the morning 0730hrs I had been blown downwind heaved too south and east over 35 Nm in a screaming north east wind, further I went the bigger the seas, I managed to get a weather forecast at 0730hrs that predicted the same till after Saturday, started sailing again to get back on course, the bilge pump I use on that port side was not coping very well, float switch at 30-35 deg. heel was leaving too much water in the bilge, other pump was above water level. had to move the pump hose and pump from yesterdays disaster to drain into cockpit (not good) and turn the other one off. with no float switch, which meant engine had to be on all the time. Not enough fuel now to do that, and with still 78nm to Destn. in this wind and seas, another big decision had to be made. I looked for a safe Haven and found a Yacht Club on the coast called Ponce Yacht Club (????) and made the wise choice and headed for that, it was quite a distance back the way I had fought for yesterday, and it took all day to get there, I arrived at 1800hrs and tied up alongside the fuel dock safe, very sadly the Distn. to Destn, has now gone up to 104.6, and a lot more work to do before I can carry one. I went for a beer!!! 7 days at sea and still not there. (Failed)

Friday 11 march
Arranging USA customs clearance today, I was moved to a temp. slip in the morning and went to the marina office to report arrival details to USA customs San Juan. I had to wait on board for them to check the boat, they got delayed and didn't get here till 12 noon. I passed that test, then had to get a taxi to their office at the airport to do the paperwork, didn't get back until 1530hrs, with that all done I booked a berth here till Tuesday next 15th, hopefully all will be fixed by then.

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