Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hi Everyone,
Some Pics to post at my journeys interruption in Ponce Bay, Puerto Rico, alongside 'Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club'  the most prestigious berth BR1.

They are mostly USA type sport fishing boats here, I was lucky as one of them was having a haul out scrub and paint job.
The Sunday before I left Adam invited Porsche and myself for a Lamb Sunday Roast Dinner !!!! as a farewell get together. What a magic time I have had here at Blue Haven Marina. 

Porsche in the foreground and Adam & Vicky in the background
 Could only find 1 pic of the leaving party at the Salt Bar, please.. guys gals, if you read this and took some email me on the contact tab and attach the pics.

I need more pics!

Then the 521.6 Nm journey began.

First Sunset
After 3 days of flopping about and going no where fast, I hadn't even gone any further East than Grand Turk Island, this pic of the plotter shows the true story having only making a northerly course all day, as night came a gentle wind from the NE came, I did 3 knts to begin with but was on course for the first time, spending all night doing no more than 1.9knts all in the right direction.
track shows tacking north during day, then suddenly a wind shift and then on course.

Next morning wind starts gradually getting stronger.
As it began to get rough, I did report on one of the missing and still missing posts that I was treated to one of those rare moments of nature during the journey. This concerned at least 3 humpback whales in the ocean side of Hispaniola, one whale on my horizon was head down tail held vertical and was sending signals by smashing its tail onto the sea, it was a spectacular sight, huge spouts of water shooting skywards, it did it again and again and again, I have taken some pics of that and hope they will be ok to send in my next post. While I took pic's a big humpback sounded about 20 feet away from me, WOW and about 10 mins later another one did the same thing on the other side, of course couldn't get the camera switched on quick enough, but they were both moving majestically through the water going twice as fast as I was (8.5knts) towards the one sending out the call. The way they were moving through the rough water is the way Guiding Light moves, not fighting but just going with the waves, gives me a further clue just how clever they designed this boat in 1934! I was having a really good time in rough seas, I must be crazy, but I was enjoying it so much.
The pics didn't come out as good as I hoped but you can get the idea from them.

Hope They all post OK
more as usual coming.

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  1. Those were some awesome pictures! How many times have I dreamt of taking my yacht and going on an extended cruise. The added bonus of hearing whales must have been an incredible experience. Luxury and style is what I took away from this, and I have to say, I'm just a little jealous! Too cool!