Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Different

Hi everyone,
I am still at it, as previous I was doing the last set of hull planks, up to spiling the first one after removing the port bunk. This was finished on Saturday, but with the woodshop closed i had to wait till Monday to cut and trial fit the Plank. All done first pic, today I get it ready for nailing and fairing.

And now for something Completely Different
As I am getting closer to getting in the water, my mind has been flying ahead to the new problems I will face when that happens. Getting to and from my boat being quite important!
So the next set of pics is the cheapest solution I could come up with. And now with 'nothing to do till Monday' I had a time slot spare. Sunday till 12 noon, then the Sun would be too hot.



 This happened to me before in 1994, just after my new Avon dingy and 3hp Marina outboard were stolen, in Falmouth, on my first journey to home. Llew will remember helping me build a flat pack dingy then.









And Monday night all glued up under cover. Requires fitting all the other bits, but it would probably float if I put it in the ogin


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