Thursday, June 21, 2012

More to take out

Hi again all,

Foreward planks done
Well continuing with the portside I attacked the foreward damage, middle plank was scarfed in without having to cut the plank in two. top and bottom were butt blocks, then the plugs glued in and fairing all the planks with filler.

bottom plank patched

Of the 4 planks to do in the centre, the bottom one only needed a scarfed patch, this now done. Again fairing all the surrounding damaged surfaces with filler.

Next 2 pics of them primed.

Now the hard part. The 3 planks above have to be done next. And as I mentioned before my enthusiasm for taking the port bunk to bits and pieces had left me.
I tried every way I could to get at these planks from the inside with no a while, and picking my nose for a bit, shoving my finger down my ear, etc. etc. I knew I would have to look around for a bit of inspiration. I found this by crying into about 6 beers at the bar for a few hours.

Back of bunk removed

 Now feeling terrid this morning I attacked the bunk with venom, it took all day but tonight I can get to everything I need to fix these planks.

Bottom part removed

As can be seen, access is now achieved.
So tomorrow I can start removing the copper nails and spiling the first of 3 planks to fit.

still more coming.


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  1. Hi Roy! Wow, what you have accomplished!I wish I had time off to give you a hand,sending you a big hug for now my dear.BIG HUG!