Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dingy Cont'd

Hi Everyone,
This week I got a bit short circuited, the yard finally gave me notice of moving. This meant cleaning the debris field around the boat, and, making sure I wasn't going to leave anything behind.
Thursday morning at 0800hrs I was ready and waiting. The travel lift though, didn't arrive till 1445hrs. I had become a bit restless during this time so trying not to wast the whole day decided to carry on with building the dingy. The following pic's are this time in reverse order = last one first.

Turned over to finish the bottom,
note the oak outboard pad, an extra by me.


Ready for prime coats


Fitting and glueing the transom reinforcing 2


Fitting and glueing the transom reinforcing


fitting and glueing the seats 2


Fitting and glueing the seats


fitting and glueing the bulkheads 2


Fitting and glueing the bulkheads 


Pair of second hand oars donated by Peggy, and being in the process of being restored

After moving it was the weekend before I thought of doing anything else, just trying to organise everything again, after the move was a pain. I had planned to only work on the dingy at weekends, so started that again. 
Now I was faced with the USA holidays, Tuesday Independence day, and 4 July. So being like a weekend I just carried on with the littleun.

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