Sunday, April 29, 2012

Frame 8a

Hi all,
Today its back to plan A, and the deck support wrought iron frame. Shown in the first pic are these 2 frames left one being fwd and right one aft. There are many beams here cos its the chain plate attachments for the mast. Has to be very strong and obviously was cos no damage was noted here except for sister on F10. 8a and 10a are extra beams to suport the mast fore and aft. I had already known before the reef incident there was an issue with 8a, as this had at sometime in the past had a repair, and I now know why.

Loose unfastened Knee and partial frame 8a
 The 2 beam ends in pic below going behind the beam shelf and iron frame have started to rot away. This has happened before because the teak covering board of the deck has a join right above them.
This leaks now quite badly because the repair done before was a bodge job, the original fastenings had been removed and plugged with dowling, (not good) when repaired the grown oak knee was never reattached and this complete join of deck too hull side has not been giving any support to the cross beam. The repair has now also rotted the repaired beam ends
Frame 8a and in background undamaged frame 10a
 Below pic shows very short scarfed main support deck beam and a better view of Knee. All this will have now to be removed and repaired properly!
Beam end scarf joint
Below pic are the removed parts, the grown oak knee is in remarkable condition and will be put back in. The partial frame will be renewed and a new type scarf jointed beam end fitted.
removed parts
 Below pic is a veiw of all the missing bits, also started to cut back the beam end ready for new piece to be fitted. This is as I left GL tonight.
Ready for repairs
The biggest problem with this repair is going to be how its all refastened! Just about every original hole in the surounding planks and beams are damaged and will not now, except any type of new fastener.
I'm thinking about that now, I'll have to come up with somthing good to fix it all back in, and make it strong again.

More coming

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