Friday, April 27, 2012

A sorry day

Hi all
Was a bit dishartened when I started this morning, below pic is were I was yesterday. But had a great day and the frame was cut, glued, dried and nailed and bolted before I finished for the day.

Sister on frame 10 ready for template

All surround wood removed with Sister 10 finished.

While that was going on I noticed all floor fastenings had given way when GL was flipped over! so I had to strip out the head completely to effect repairs.

looking aft from focsul

A couple of pics of the mess I'm in in the interior!
My work place!

Think I need a chief minister of the interior don't you?
Finding the right bits was a problem too, they had floated about, all over the boat whilst on the reef!

I have always been a messy worker, my old boss in Liverpool used to plead with me to tidy up, and called me a gypsy.
Starting to look normal again

But after a long long day today the bits were identified and put back in position prior to refastening.
beams refastened

So at least the starboard side floors are now ok again, and NO I am not even going to think about the port side yet!

all now refastened.
So by 1700hrs I was done in, and called it a day!

more later

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