Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hi all,
Well the repair to this frame 8a has fought me all the way, 3 days, each one a different struggle. The 3 following pics of the finished repair show, I think, how complicated this join from the beam to the deck and hull actually is. I found out of the 13 fasteners that should have been holding it together, only 4 were in place! the rest had been left out. Damage to the deck fastener holes was extensive and had to be replaced with plugs. The same applied to the hull side. The frame is now new Oak instead of the pine that had rotten away, and the beam end is a solid lump of treated pine, west epoxied in place. All through bolts have been re drilled and replaced, so now after the covering board join is caulked there should be no more movement in this area, with the associated leaks

without flash it all looks calmer

Frame showing grown oak knee under the deck

Frame showing scarf join
More later as I get on with the nailing up.
Good news is the Planking lumber has been delivered to the wood shop.
bad news is I now have to redo the damaged planks as well!

No rest for the wicked


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