Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Hi Again,
To continue the story.
So there I am on the mooring, Saturday night, dingy is stowed away, and I have no intention of getting it ready for going ashore again. I'm sitting there wondering what will happen tomorrow, I tried for 2 hours underwater to get the shaft back into the coupling with no success, a complication to this is the fact that the new bearing fitted in Antigua had also popped out as the shaft is now smaller diameter and the shoulder pushed it out as well. I am sitting there thinking the boat will have to come out the water again with all that extra expense. So I thought I would be irresponsible and on my own get drunk! Which I did! Next day Sunday I was up and ready to have one last go before contacting the shipyard, having lined everything up on the inside I jumped in the water and very carefully gave the propeller a good shove, heavens to mergatroyds it went in just as smooth as you like!
I shot back on board and put a new bolt in as quick as I could, and heaved a big sigh of relief! Another hour later and everything was back to normal again, what a good result, you all may understand just how made up I was with that.
I was now able to head back to St John and Coral Bay, I needed to get there before Monday night as I had been invited to a Karaoke night at a bar called 'Island Blues' by Lindsey from Buxom II, to hear her sing. Lindsey and Colin aboard Buxom II were my rivals in Antigua Classic's 2010, and Foxy's Regatta this year.
The Simpson Bay Bridge opened at 1630hrs and I was first through, hoisted all sail and set course for St John, a good wind blowing I was soon doing 7-7.5 knts. new battery charger was on line and watermaker on, A magic nights sail and all the next day, and I made the 90 odd Nm arriving at 1630hrs with a full tank of fresh sea water. Lindsey came over about 1830hrs on her way to the bar and so I went along and enjoyed a really good night, I did sing a couple of songs too, we even did a duet!
That brings me up to date for the moment, I am chilling out here for a bit, this St John is a bit of a special Island, it was bought by Rockafella and he gave it to the American nation as a National Park, (on condition he could build a posh hotel complex) this has given it protection over the years, and the lifestyle and people who live here are quite something else.
More about my plans after this later.

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  1. Hello Roy! Dean from the Damon Jackson Band at Coral Bay. So great to have you sailing with us the other day. Thanks for the memories. We will be following you my friend....