Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coral bay, St John

Well folks here I am in Coral bay again, much has happened since my last internet connection.
I have been making new friends handover fist since I moored in the harbour itself. I have to thank Sara and Chris for most of these introductions. Sara owns a Nicholsen sloop and lives aboard, Chris owns a 1931 gaff rigged yacht called 'Principito' which I raced against in Antigua and Foxy's, with Sara helming and Chris as crew on his own boat, both are experianced sailors. Lindsey and Colin had moved 'Buxom II' onto their mooring in the harbour also, they are going to Alaska were Colin comes from for a visit soon.
After the Karaoke night, Tuesday, as Sara and Chris passed my stern they told me I had a dinner party invite from a different Lindsey, (works in 'Skinny Legs') that evening, ? no more details than that, so we met up in 'Skinny Legs' a bar resturant close to the dingy dock. I was taken up the hills into the jungle, and there perched perilously on the side of the hill was this really nice house. The view was something magic, and I could see my boat below me in the near distance. There ensued a great party, tons of food, and loads of new people to meet, I re-met Erin who I met in 2010 and who has also become a very good friend, she was crew aboard 'Buxom II'. During that night I arranged a sailing trip on my boat on Tuesday 21st, this whilst talking with Lisa. Erin and Lindsey were invited too. We had a really good time at the party with a finish about 0200hrs!
I now had another invite on the 16th June by Colin, he has been charter Skipper of a famous boat here called 'Breath' owned by Peter Muilenburg, for 6 years+. Its a 40ft fibreglass Gaff Ketch, which Peter and his wife had built 'on the beach' at East End Coral Bay. This was to join Colin and Josh on this day's charter, there were going to be 6 guests aboard.
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