Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coral Bay St John US Virgin Islands

Hi everyone,
A quickie post, After the new charger blew up on my way to Jost Van Dyke, and after a couple of days in Round bay inside coral bay at anchor, I made the decision to go back to St Maarten to sort it out. This was accomplished and took 2 days arrived 9-06-11, after having breakfast and clearing customs and going to the shop I walked out 10 mins later with a new unit, great. On my way back to the boat my outboard packed in, only time I didnt take the oars! got a lift back then the anchor dragged, I was in the middle of connecting the new charger with all the electrics dissconnected S****T, got a tow from a Spanish cruising guy to a mooring. Next day Saturday 11-06 was all set to make the 11.30am bridge opening everything working AOK. got to the bridge and just as it opened whilst going astern I heard a snap sound and shaft came out of the coupling, in the middle of the channel with loads of boats coming and going, dropped anchor and ended up outside the customs dock at anchor with the coast guard cutter wanting to go alongside! it all happens to me. They towed me away eventually and put me back on the same mooring, now engineless.
More Later

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  1. Hope you can get it sorted Roy, if anyone can its you! Love from all your friends in Beaumaris