Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coral bay 16th June

I awoke early today at about 0600hrs, it hasn't all been party's, I have been working hard on GL getting everything better organised and stowed. There has also been some improvements made here and there. Today I had designated a day off and I was looking forward to the day charter trip aboard 'Breath'. After going aboard Josh brought the guests from shore and they were welcomed aboard. We all introduced ourselves, and so I met Alex Damon and Dean Jackson, their partners and friends. Being an extra, I kept in the background as their gear was stowed aboard, and after a short time we dropped the mooring and proceeded out into the bay. Once passed the entrance bouys Josh hoisted the sails and with engine off  'Breath' Colin at the helm, in a good sailing wind, and in her element was sailing sweet. Colin had his plan, as the guests wanted to go snorkeling. He had told me before of the many good places around the area, but as yet I had not had the time to do any of that. Today it would depend on wind direction which of these we would visit. All went very well, Colin even let me helm for awhile, as he prepared a snack for the guests, and after a good sail Breath was anchored at the first spot, and with all guests in the water, me included, exploring the southern reefs of Flanagans Island began.
It was a good choice, we had all seen different and interesting fish, the guests a shark amongst them. I had spotted a large shoal of fish I couldn't identify, swimming close to the sandy bottom, quite some distance from the reef itself, but after consulting Colins book, they turned out to be a type of barracuda called 'Southern Sennet', not normaly seen in the caribbean.
After this the second spot Colin chose was Hurricane Hole in Coral Bay. As the name implies, it is a refuge for boats when hurricanes strike. As the guests again went exploring, this time the mangrove fish nursaries, Colin pointed out the various spots that were the best. At about 1530hrs and with all guests aboard, Alex and Dean took out their guitars they had brought with them. This is when I found out that Alex and Dean were the band called 'Damon and Jackson' from Oaklahoma! WoW. They then gave us all an impromptu open air concert, the acustics so close to the mangroves was perfect, and as their excllent music driffted out over the calm waters, we sat back and enjoyed the moment
More coming

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