Saturday, June 4, 2011

Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta

Hi Everyone,
Well I was all set for the regatta in time, a lot of boats started to arrive during last Thursday and Friday.
Met a few people from this and last years Antigua regatta ashore, so a bit of catching up to do and stories to tell on both sides.
Registration started at 1830hrs Friday night, I chose to do the single handed Saturday and crewed race on Sunday, then we had the welcome party.......We all made new friends and partied hard. But most people went back to thier boats early including me.
Saturday morning went ashore for the skippers briefing at 0930hrs, we had gathered together on the moorings for a laugh, back to the boat and with a safety person on board 'Martha' crew aboard 'Principito' first days race the single handed for wooden boats would start at 1100hrs, which it did in light winds and a shortened course.
I had a particullaly good start and was off east to Sandy Cay round to starboard out to a mark and back across the line westerly...1ST!
Afterwards we all rafted up and started the party, then ashore for the party there in the evening. What a good time we had, such fun.
Sunday was the crewed race Josh who I met last year and his friend Sean, I couldn't find the others and went to the 'Picton Castle' (try finding it on the internet amazing boat) who were also at Antigua this year, they were Pass/crew aboard her but got told they were ashore.
We had a good race but got beaten on the downwind leg by a twin masted local boat and came second. We then heard on the radio that there was another race! this time a fun one. A lot of boats hadn't even finished the first one when the second one started so I didn't start till they got back 45mins later. During that time we went to the 100 foot three masted schooner commitee boat to ask if this was all true and got offered a bottle of Goslings rum if we could get it, this while waiting, a couple of manouvers later and we had the bottle! after that fun part we were all back at the anchorage with six boats rafted up having a party, lots of Rum flowing in good party syle. Then later ashore for the prize giving, more rum, more rum then for a change more rum! I recieved a first prize of $100 us against a new battery,with a handmade sailbag, second prize a scrimshaw engraved handled knife, needless to say the party carried on into the wee hours, lots of dancing tomfoolery and god knows what else, we all managed to get back to the boats and continued the party there.
As most of these boats come over from St John US Virgins, I was invited back there, Buxom II, had also invited me last year as well, so Monday saw a mass exodus to St John 'Coral Bay' every single one of us suffering a hangover!
So present Position: 18,20.10N , 064,40.64W in Round Bay East side of 'Coral Bay' St John. Customs gave me till November to escape.
If I get internet will post pics

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