Wednesday, June 22, 2011

16th cont.

After the concert Colin left Hurricane Hole, and Breath and comp. made our way back to the mooring, then with an invite to watch them play at Skinny Legs on Friday night 17th, the guests were dropped back ashore. Meanwhile Colin invited us back to Buxom II for a fresh lobster (he had caught 2) dinner. He and Lindsey were leaving for Alaska Friday morning so a little farewell party took place. The Lobster was truly tremendous with a fresh butter and garlic dip, yum yum.
Friday 17th saw me shopping for stocking up the boat, I met all the guests again on my way back to the dingy and we swopped contact details for the future. That night at 1900hrs I went to Skinny Legs and watched 'Damon and Jackson' perform on stage, a very good show, they don't take a break, and played for about 4 hours having started at 1800hrs. Everyone enjoying the great choice of songs they have in their rep. We chatted at the bar after they finished for awhile before they went, they were also leaving for Oaklahoma on Saturday morning so goodbyes were said.
Back to the boat very chilled out, a good night.
Saturday 18th
Today there was a 'Fundraising' to renew the dingy dock. It started at 1200hrs, so I had to go to that. There was a bar-b with lots of good grub, plenty of beer and the inevetable RUM, I joined in and spotted a scuba dive cylinder, I have been looking for one of these since arriving in the caribbean in 2009. I took all my diving kit on board before leaving UK and as up to yet have not used it!
I also accquired Peter Muilenburg's book, 'Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light', all about his adventures aboard the boat Breath that he had built on the beach.
During this I was talking to a local woman Megan, she was in the process of telling me how easy it was to get sucked into the social calender, and never finding the moment to contiue the journey. Sara chose that moment to touch my arm saying "come on Roy I'm taking you to another party!!! Megan and I looked at each other with that there I told you so look. And off we went in Billys big dingy to the east end of Coral Bay. Sara Billy Chris and myself ended up at a farewell party for Trish, a teacher here, who was going back to Calafornia to get more qualifications, I had met her at Lindsey's dinner party so didn't want to miss saying goodbye.
A magic beach party was had by all. We ended up on Billy's boat for a roady, or sundowner, then back to the boat.
Roy....still more coming

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