Thursday, June 23, 2011

St John, 21st June 2011

The weather since Saturday has been great so as I sipped coffee in the cockpit this morning, I was looking forward to the sailing today. I had spent Sun, Mon, finishing all the loose ends of my 'to do' list, and was all set to go. I went ashore in the dingy about 1000hrs and ate a fried egg bun, 'sunnyside up' at Skinny Legs, cooked to perfection by Rodney, and waited for my guests to arrive. Erin was first but had one little job to do, so would be a fraction late. Then Lindsey, Lisa and Sharon arrived, and I started ferrying them and their gear + supplies to the boat, Erin arrived in plenty of time and at approx 1130hrs we dropped the mooring and motored out of the harbour. Once out and with all sail hoisted in a really good wind, GL showed her ease at cutting through the swell as we tacked towards Laduck Island. We had a discussion on were to go, and all agreed a trip right round the Island of  St John would be the most popular choice. So four girls and myself set course and we had glorious sailing. GL showing her paces and everyone having a great time. Once inside Sir Francis Drake Channel with the East wind now behind us, the music was put on. Their choice was the 'Beatles'! They all love that music, and as I was singing along at top note they were tickled that I sang with the same accent. I had a running history lesson from Sharon as we passed various landmarks of St John north shore. We passed Little Thatch Isle and Great Thatch Isle, these are British Virgin isles, and then passing St Marys Point we went inside Whistling Cay and picked up a mooring in Maho Bay for lunch and a swim. After an hour or so of frolicking in the crystal clear waters we again set sail, and carried on round Johnson reef, going inside Ramgoat Cay and Henley Cay down the Durloe Channel. Then passing Caneel Bay and Lind Point we passed Cruz Bay the main town of the Island. Now going down the West and South West of St John inside Stevens Cay. On a reach we passed the submerged breaking reef with Mingo Rock. The wind was now heading us once more and after passing Great Cruz bay and Chocolate Hole the wind was on the nose. Sharon was foreward with the fishing rod, trying to catch dinner, and suceeded to catch enough Sargasso seaweed to make a nice soup (I think not). Then with darkness aproaching on the longest day of the year, it being 1930hrs I decided to lower the 2 jibs and motorsail with main only to Rams Head. This is a huge lump sticking a mile into the Atlantic swell were the waves crash against it with some violence, even in the lightest airs, the sea gets very confused with the rebounding waves. It was now pitch dark and there are no lights to mark the coast, so carefully we navigated round it and passing Laduck Isle on the inside this time, we started sailing again into Coral Bay heading for the harbour (very carefully). We got shelter from the wind by Hurricane Hole, lowerd the main and motored very slowly into the harbour channel, making sure not to hit any moored boats. After spotting the mooring, and as we manouvered towards it, Sara and Chis came over in their dingy, and Josh with the rib, and they all helped us tie up. They came aboard then and we all finished off the cooler beer with an impromptu de-briefing on our adventures.

What can I say but, a magic day was had by all!

This gets me up to date except for missing pictures. I am now studying the weather closely to choose, hopfully, the right moment to leave St John at the opertune time for the next part of Guiding Light's voyage, or, 'Magical Mystery Tour' of the North Atlantic Drift.

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  1. Keep that "Magical Mystery Tour" going Roy. Safe passage to Maine. Stop by in Ireland on your way back!