Monday, August 2, 2010

Gaudalupe to Horta.

Hi all,

0730hrs Yesterday was the final bit of the test sail before crossing the Atlantic. I believe this weather window for August is the last possible chance this year.
I have been constantly watching forecasts and satellite pic's so it was a go for leaving, I had Antigua Barbuda or St Martean as emergency stops if it didn't go well.
It didn't go well I'm afraid. I had to give the boat a serious trial, so with all sails set I pushed her as hard as I could all day. GL was doing over 7 knts in 18-20knts of wind, with no apparent problems. The wind was and is still good. At 1430hrs the port strut holding fred started to move on the wooden pad, I went down below quite calm as this had been concidered in the redesign, so I went for the spanners to tighten it up, the pad had dissapeared when I returned, it was under a lot of pressure so had to slow the boat down.
As luck would have it I was passing Jolly Harbour in Antigua only about 6 miles away so went in there gently and anchored.
I spent the rest of the day making a new pad with success but it got dark and I got tired, I was being so carefull not to drop anything when I dropped myself over the side! so I called it a day and had to wait till today to finish it off.
This too has now been completed with success, with a small mod so I carn't lose the pad again (2 screws).
After this I gave the whole boat a good checkout time 0930hrs and now the bad news. During this check I noticed the Starboard top diamond wire stay was slack? I went up the mast in Rodney Bay and nothing seemed amiss up there then. I Rigged the 'chair' and went up to see what was wrong. I'm afraid to report the stay has all but parted, and I'm also afraid to say, thats this journey over! Until repaired GL can not sail anywhere else, that will take time of course and no way will I be even concidering crossing the Atlantic this year now! I have been lucky in a way that the test showed up this weakness before I had gone to far, dosen't bear thinking about if it had happend next week!
Will let you know what happens next when I find out myself
Position: 17,4.45N , 61,53.78W


  1. Bad luck, Roy. There's lots of beers and big hugs (Ann says!) if you make it down to Grenada. John and Ann

  2. Oh Roy, Duncan is on his way home and will check his emails. Glad you're safe though!!!! Anything we can do, we will as you know! Getting back to SL one way or the other maybe ?!? Talk soon. xxx Dani