Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alonside Jolly harbour

Well folks I am again in dock with repairs to carry out.
I entered into Antigua customs and found its Carnival weekend, no chance of anything being done till Wednesday, have in the meantime investigated the rig failure and found the spreader end protector had split in half, the remaining piece was like a knife and was sawing the wire in half. This happened at the same time as other failures on my escape to St Lucia.
I also found out why my previous engine failed, or I think I now know why. The now, new way, devised to start and stop the new engine has been followed to the letter every time except when I stopped and anchored this time. When I came to start it again it took a couple of goes to start? well the engine has been starting imeadeatly every time so what was different? I've come to realise, the water in the exhaust pipe under the engine before it reaches the waterlock is too much for the engine to push out, before its started, its like putting a plug in the exhaust pipe, the more you keep turning the engine without it starting, the more water is being pumped in! so now I know I will keep having to shut the water off about 45 seconds before stopping it, this is to clear the pipe of water.
I am still thinking about were to take GL now, I have made the desision to come home the easy way and fly, this means to find a safe place for GL for this hurricain season, and leave her all alone. Not something I feel happy about, but I have to come back to sort finances out.
I am meeting the shipyard manager today and will let everyone know what transpires.


  1. Hi Roy, I am so very sorry to hear about Guiding Light, I am sure you don't want to leave her there but needs must. Thank heavens you did NOT have it happen to you, on your journey home !! Your safe & well - that is the most important thing !!! Talk soon,
    Love always - Marjorie xxx

  2. Bumma Roy.... but look on the bright side mate... you now have a holiday home in Antigua for this winter..
    Take care mate,
    Corribee Phil(La Coruna)