Thursday, August 12, 2010

Return to UK

Hello Everyone,
Well I have repaired GL and went for a final sail yesterday, everything working aoK, it was a beautiful day and I very nearly got carried away, such a magic sail, GL was doing 7knts again, and with hardly any swell at all, all I wanted was to just keep going, but the few responsible brain cells I still posses stopped me and I returned to Jolly Harbour.
I then went and signed a contract to have GL hauled out, put in a steel stand and tied to the ground, the stand is also welded together which is all standed precautions against hurricains. I then checked with customs and imigration and made sure it was all ok. Then a web booking on BA who fly direct to Gatwick.
So everyone the scary bit for me is, I fly to UK on Monday night 16th arriving in Manchester in the late afternoon on Tuesday 17th, Guiding Lightless.
I will then have an overnight stay with my sister and should be in Beaumaris on Wednesday and will be seen standing outside the Old Bulls Head having a smoke! with a pint or 2 of Guiness waiting on the bar.
Hope I see many of you during the next few months.

PS I will try and keep the blog updates going, and I will be going back to Antigua in November, I think.


  1. See you as soon as I can. Meantime, have a good flight, Roy

  2. Well - we'll have to make sure we're in the Bull on Wednesday then.....