Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On The Move

Hi Everyone,
Well customs has been cleared and boat has been made ready. Have said goodbye to as many people as possible and now I will be leaving for northern Caribbean, I am expecting quite a lot of rain to begin with, till Sunday anyway, there will be a low pressure system to the north east at least till Wednesday, so will have to keep my eye on the forecasts as I go. Will be on satellite e-mail from now on until my next landfall.
Will leave today about 1400hrs from Rodney Bay Fuel quay.
More as it happens

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  1. OH ROY, OH BOY !!!! Yep Roy left ! We (Duncan, Roy and me)get together at the Boat Yard Pub for lunch and surprise, surprise, more people showed up: Christel,Jacob, Ian, Jo, Less and Portia from IGY. An interview was taken for the IGY news letter!!! So Roy went at 2pm ish with the main sail up for the pictures, all of us waving. Farewell Roy! So we all went our way BUT Duncan received a text at 3.30pm from Roy that he still had Duncan's WIFI booster on board, uh uh, so there goes Duncan, in the dinghy out to the bay, no Roy in sight! D went 1 mile out at sea to meet GL, don't forget , in his dinghy!!! So yes, I say, OH ROY, OH BOY! He just couldn't say goodbye in one go! Cheers Roy, have a safe trip. xxx


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