Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi everyone,
Well lots of thought has been going into what to do next, Hurricane season is here but not quite as bad as people have been predicting yet, I feel to go south now would be a mistake as winds should make it more difficult to get back this way again. I have a few fellow boat people north of me and feel to go that way will be better, there are many hurricane holes and places to hide from bad weather when it inevitably comes. I have stored GL for approx 3 months at sea! this is just in case the weather holds steady for a while longer and gives me that elusive window to make a dash for the other side of the pond. It would be nice to make it back before this years end so as to sort myself out. GL is now ready to go, and with an engine plus plenty of petrol, repaired jib sail etc. could manage what I went through last time like a breeze. I apologise for the lack of pics, but Internet has been hard to come by, and the time it takes to do has been short too.
My course should I go is via the BVI, a total of 3850NM from here to just south of Anglesey, 2300NM to 'Horta', my new computer won't speak to the satellite but can swop files with mem stick, so will be in touch better as well.
Will be leaving St Lucia this week anyway as Passport finely arrived back from Washington DC.
I will let you know

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