Friday, July 30, 2010

The Journey North

Hi again,
I had a lot of friends come to wish me bon voyage at the shipyard fuel key. Jo from squiggles is writing an article in the IGY news letter, so she interviewed me before I left. Both Adam and Edwin unfortunatly couldn't be there but thier press officer passed on her and thier regards. At about 2.25pm I hoisted sail and with a lot of friendly comments being shouted, and Les taking official photo's, I sailed out of the marina. I busied myself once outside getting the jib up and then went to make a coffe, boat was sailing well, as I passed the chart table I found Duncan's wi fi booster he had lent to me earlier, so now its 3pm and I am 4 miles away just about to lose the phone connection, I sent a text saying I would come back and turned the boat round back to the anchorage, just in time for a very heavy rain cloud to dump it's contents, so all that took till 4pm, then I turned round heading for Martinique waving to Duncan.
I have spent a very rough night and day at sea as winds were 20-25knts gusting 30 in the squalls. By Thursday evening I needed a rest and was coming up to Melandore, middle of Guadalupe at about 5pm, I decided to anchor for the night and sort the mess below.
The journey north to St Martean or Antigua is a test to make sure all is well with the boat/equipment/me and not forgetting the Atlantic Ocean.
Anchoring here has given me a bit of time to get things in the right place, and also esablish a proper communications routine. Anchor was dropped at 6pm ish
at Position: 16,10.36N , 61,46.85W
More to come

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