Thursday, July 22, 2010

trouble continued and sorted

Hi again everyone,
Sorry for the delay in posting but.......
Much has happened since my last post, the most important of these was Launching GL after renewing engine and fixing leaks.
The Engine is AOK now, it performs really good, I think its a bit more powerfull as well as I get more speed at any rev range.
Big problem when launched was the amount of water GL was taking in! as much if not more than I was hauled out! I stayed in the water for three days in case the boat had dried out a bit, but water was still pouring in. I arranged another haul out to find out why, after the repair it was still leaking.
Imeadiatly the boat was blocked off I inspected the repaired seam on the garboard plank and found the sika had not stuck to anything at all, I pulled one end and the complete seam fell out full length of the boat! can only assume the sika was bad in the tubes used, as all other repairs are still aok.
Have since again recaulked and resealed the garboard plank with new 3M 4200 and relaunched the boat again!
This time success! not only success but the boat now takes in less water than when I first launched her in 1994! so something was always leaking in that seam. Bilge pump now runs for only 20 seconds every 5 hours or so, amazing.
all this has cost a fortune so future plans are in progress of being modified, so will have to advise everyone later on what plan I have come up with.
More later

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