Friday, April 16, 2010

Antigua Classic

Hi Everyone,
Well your not going to believe this because I didn't, I entered GL in the Boat International 'Concours DE'legance' judging was on the 15th before the single handed race, and prize giving in the evening, well Guiding Light took 1st place!!! in the Vintage Class, as I went to leave the stage Kenny Coombs chairman of AYC told me to stay put, they then awarded the top Special prise for the best original and well maintained strongest/safety , I WON!!!
Today is the first race and I have to get ready now, but what a result.
More later


  1. Well done Roy, Llew.

  2. Hi Roy, So good to see your dreams come true...and more besides! The old lady will never give up cause she is having fun too. We have been trying to watch your progress via the Blackberry cause your blog is blocked out here. Ok VPN. All the best, Geoff and Lily.

  3. Terrific Roy- well done

    Phil & Ruth

  4. Wow - fantastic result - all that hard work has certainly paid off. GL is a beauty even though we are biased and was made for this....Will look out for coverage in the mags next month! Congratulations and glad you are having such a fantastic time Karen, Nick and the girlies xxxx

  5. Fantastic Roy. Your boat is a beauty and she has been lovingly taken care of. Both GL and the sailor deserve praise. I am very happy for you and all that hard work has paid off. Congratulations.
    Lots of love,

  6. Bet you couldn't sleep after all that! Well done Roy - you deserved the wins. Margaret

  7. Hi Roy, Fantastic to see the results and the photos on - Dawn is guessing her picture might be replaced on the website soon! What are your plans now? Send us an email sometime eh? Richard and Dawn

  8. Hi Roy, you've done so very well !!!! Congratulations!!!I've been following the races from cold Portugal. All the best, hope to see you again in the near future! Big hug xxxx Danielle


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