Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7th April 2010

Hi everyone, thanks for the many birthday wishes received, you just never know where you'll be as these days arrive, I'd just about forgotten it was coming, I had a very pleasant meal at 'Cloggys' restaurant with, Dawn Richard Tina and Tony, fellow boat friends (2 am finish??). So now well on the way preparing GL and myself for the coming challenge, have had the yachts name redone so I can paint that area, also ordered a couple of 't' shirts with the boat and name on them, have to look half decent for this eventI think. As the time is rapidly approaching I am going to be too busy to come ashore to Blog so bear with me on that, It will take a week of blogging after this cos I have a feeling many photos will want posting, hope pics of classic yachts will be interesting, Velsheda is here as are many gorgeous classic yachts, I have even found another Gauntlet yacht, it is the bigger version being 14 tons and restoration is in hand at 'Woodstock' boat yard, Micheal who owns the boat has done a fantastic job so far, very impressed.


  1. Hi Mister, didn't know it was your birthday, anyway Happy Belated Birthday wishes for you! xxxx
    Duncan is on his way, please get me a GL T-shirt as well (SMALL) love to have one! Have fun and good luck! Keep us updated. xxxx Danielle

  2. 2am finish?? That's why we don't wear watches out here Roy! Hope you had a good time and have caught up with your jobs since we left -sorry we are a bad influence! Send us an email to then we can send you our blogspot - the email you gave us was duff - are you trying to tell us something??! :) Richard and Dawn


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