Thursday, April 22, 2010

Race day 1

Hi again everyone,
Well with my three Friends as Crew---Duncan UK---CJ Barbados---Jacob Venezuela we set out on the first day to the start line, hoping I wouldn't do anything stupid on the start line I manouvered GL and although not quite close enough started without a hitch, we as yet had not Identified the boats in our class so just went for it as fast as we could, weather was perfect and we had a great time, as the bigger classes caught up we were treated to some amazing sights of some of the worlds most famous classic yachts blasting along at near full speed, so close you felt as though you could touch them, Wow Wow Wow, after the race we came back to the yacht club marina were I had moved the boat to previously, and docked among the other classic yachts. Galatea (1899) had had a collision and nearly lost her stern rail (hell) we had no clue as to were we had come in the race so we went to the hospitality lounge for a couple of free beers, I was so made up to have had such a good sail, you just can't believe how good it is to race & sail in a trade wind. At about 5pm the results were posted, day 1 and we got 2nd place! wow owo woooow! We then celebrated our success at the Sundowner Party and single handed prize giving, I came 9th in that one but it also was a good race.

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