Thursday, December 17, 2009

St Lucia 2

Hi again to all,
Have been here now for nearly a week and its taken that long for me to sort myself and the boat out after the journey.

As the ARC rally was still ongoing, with boats still crossing the finishing line when I arrived, the Marina here has been very busy, lots of functions having been arranged for participating boats and their crews. I have met many of them and more friends have been made. I have also met up with a few people that I have met before and have also done the crossing, we all have celebrated together in good style as you can imagine, many stories being swapped about the various happenings that occurred whilst sailing the Atlantic. Having done it single handed seems to impress a lot of the crews too, have been smuggled into functions by some of them insisting that I should join in the festivities.

Guiding Light

The problem I had with the propeller shaft was fixed in about 20 minutes, very easy with the boat stopped! Another little problem with the engine tick over was also fixed at the same time. The sails and rig suffered only minor damage after driving the boat continuously 24-7 for the 3000 odd miles and 23 days it took me. Have now a great respect for GL and also Fred the Hydrovane! a lot of modern yachts faired far worse, I was told 2 boats were abandoned on passage.

I have lots of stores still untouched, even 4kg of potatoes, the eggs also lasted for a couple of days after arrival and I have only just had to buy some more. Starting with a full tank, I only made 40ltrs of water with the water maker the whole trip, and I have not run out of that yet either, I am expecting to any minute. My in transit cooking teach-in, from sisters Lynne and Janet have now enabled me to make bread and biscuits anytime I feel like it, and have been experimenting with pasta dishes, something else I never really tried before. In celebration I am presently roasting a chicken today, have not had fresh meat on board for quite awhile, yummy.

Have visited the St Lucia Yacht Club (web site and have been extended a warm welcome by the social secretary Danielle. I and another single handed yachtsman Adam have pledged our boats to take part in their Xmas flotilla called 'Carols Afloat' on Tuesday 22nd Dec. to go right around Rodney Bay with boats dressed and maybe a couple of guests aboard ending up in the marina and an xmas party organised ashore, a joint effort by St Lucia Yacht Club (Danielle), and the Marina IGY Rodney Bay. More about that later too

PS have added Pictures to previous post below!

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