Saturday, December 12, 2009

St Lucia

1) Gomera disappears.
2) Dawn on the last day before Barbados.

3) Dawn over St Lucia.
4) me before I rejoined the human race.
Hi All,
Arrived safely in Rodney Bay and anchored there at 2pm Fri 11th no problem.
will post an update when I sort myself out. Position: 14,4.81N , 60,57.63W
more coming


  1. well done, Roy - go and have a party! Margaret

  2. So glad to here you've made it along with the boat!Have a great Xmas!!!!
    Bill Bread says to try the bread in Central Bakery over there it is meant to be in the main town!Normal Central colours. Part of his family moved across the pond a long time ago.Lynton lot

  3. Congrats, well done. Following your blog. Your friend from 'The BULL' Jim Dooley

  4. Very well done Roy. Been following your progress on your blog and seeing where you are on google earth. Have a very happy Christmas.

    Any Pics?

    Tony Bentley

  5. Hi Roy
    Congratulations on your sccessful Trans Atlantic voyage however it seems you have been hit by Hackers Again
    Alex Houston

  6. Where's the updates Roy?!! Obviously having the party that I recommended! Margaret

  7. Good meeting you at the ARC party last night enjoyed the chin wag . Janet,Tony,Gina & Johny Reid. J & T unfortunately flying back to UK to day TTFN.

  8. Congratulations Uncle Roy! Probably just as well you had the propeller problem - I expect you might have felt a bit cheated if you'd done the crossing with no problems whatsoever!
    Expect you'll have rather different weather for Christmas than us - snowing here...
    Hope you have a good Christmas,
    Katie, Josh and Thomas

  9. Roy, Glad to hear you have arrived safely and obviously already organised yourself for Christmas. After watching the film we are slightly se-sick!! A very good show and are rooting for you all the way. A bit to go to the Panama Canal but we will be watching so give us a wave. Merry Xmas and a safe and Happy New Year during your journey. Ken, Keith and Iori

  10. Hi Roy, wot no "perfect storm" drama? ( could of made it up at least!) really glad to hear that you're well and that your dream has finally been for filled. But what next? Wishing you a merry xmas from Carol, myself and the kids.


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