Thursday, December 17, 2009


Have tried to show what it was like on a daily basis during the trip. The view astern was the same every day, just the wind strength changed. In the vid its a top end F4, looks less cos I'm going downwind, its the no wind charger direction, they dont work unless the wind is about F6, the one I fixed to the prop shaft piles in the amps all the time as GL was doing anywere between 5.8 and 7.4 all the time through the water, sometimes SOG showing 8 or 9 on GPS.


  1. Roy - great video, and both glad to hear you made it over. What an achievement.

    We wish you a very happy Christmas, and will be toasting you in the Bull over the festivities

    Phil & Ruth

  2. Nice one Roy..... Enjoy the Carib's mate will raise a glass to ya.... Merry Christmas.
    Don't forget any boat repair needs, wait if you can and buy in St Martin....
    Phil from Baiona

  3. Roy, Nice video. Seeems the self steering seems to be working o.k. on it's weakest point. Noticed the tiller is lashed slightly to windward, slight balance problem? A slightly used model has just been sold in Bangor for £2,200. Any minus points?

    Regards Simon Dubberley (Dickies)

  4. Happy New Year Roy, Good to hear your voice and great video - started to get my sealegs just watching. A fantastic adventure - we think about you a lot.

    Cheers Pat - Jonesey in Gabon!

  5. Hi Roy
    Happy New Year Love !! You are doing so well - - good one !!!! Your wish has come true and as long as your enjoying it (which I know you are!!!) then its all been worth while - - hard work I am sure !!
    Good luck and keep in touch !!
    Love always, Marjorie xxxx


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