Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guiding Light

Hi all,
Tried the old fishing game yesterday, got in a hell of a mess, hooks stuck in everything including me, after 2 hours or so had what looked like a decent rig to catch dorado,yahoo or mybe something at least, no go, all day, every time I was doing something the rod was in the way, eventually gave up.
Wind was ok and was still cracking on. towards evening it had calmed down and had a very pleasant sail, about 2100 spotted that yacht again, he was crossing my track from port to starb. I was much closer than last time so he isn't going any faster than me, he was over my horizon about 2300hrs.
After a power snooze woke up at 0300hrs made a coffe and was getting my wits together when bang! thud! the propellor started to make a terrible noise, thought I must have caught somthing on the prop. Started engine to see if I could shake it off by going astern. I was by then in a F5 doing 6.5knts, when I put it in gear nothing happened, my engine wasnt driving the prop, so down the engine room (Box) to see what could be wrong. I took so much care over fitting the new propelor coupling and shaft during last winter I couldnt imagine what could be wrong. When I was in, I found the propelor shaft had come out of the coupling!, (I don't believe it), cut a long story, it took till 0730hrs this morning to fix what went wrong, the grub screw holding the shaft had just worn away! stainless steel too, I had heaved too to stop the propelor turning but even then I was doing 3.4knts could not make the boat go any slower. This means I couldn't pull the shaft back into the coupling against the flow of water. It will just have to stay like that for now. I made sure it couldn't turn again and went back on course. Its the first time I've not had the noise from the propelor and it is so quiet now.
Today I have passed 2,000 Nm since leaving and have 983.3 to go, still going well wind today though is only F3 so not so fast. big Merchant boat came past and altered course to have a 'look see' he then turned away to starb and disapeared. Had 'spotted dolphins playing round the boat all morning, magic to watch.
More later

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  1. Hello Roy,
    Just got your blog details from my Mum. I'm Beryl Williams, your cousin God knows how many times removed, that was born on the same day as you. Barbara's sister, I believe she's already been in touch with you on your journey. It sounds fabulous.
    Since I heard about your travels, it struck me maybe there's something to astrology after all, we were born on the same day and I too have always been a bit of a maverick. Hated school as much as you did at age 14, but never had the guts to walk out! For my sins I was very good at French, so my fate at Uni was sealed and I've now been working as a freelance translator for 20 years. I like the freedom of the freelance bit and it gets me doing what I want when I'm not translating.
    Good luck and keep in touch! (I'm on facebook if you'd like to send a message there; not quite sure how this site works for individual communication).