Monday, November 30, 2009

More from the high seas

Hi all,
Well I am still making good progress, I know this for sure cos the Satelite has switched over automaticaly to West Atlantic MET AREA 4 now, instead of East. The weather reports from the USA are excellent, they come in every 6 hours with a three day forecast for Met Area 4, Met area 1 UK and Met area 2 France should take note, as they give only 12 hour forecasts every 12 hours which is pretty useless to say the least.
Passed a Merhchant ship at midnight my time, heaved too and stopped, all his deck lights were on, so maybe he was having a problem, he turned away to show his red light to my red light as I went past, then went back into the wind and waves stopping again. Then this morning at 0700 my time I spotted a yacht to starboard about 12 miles away to my NW, I can see him still as I write, and can not say if we are getting closer or if he is overtaking me.
I am going to try fishing today, just dont fancy catching a blue marlin or any other big fish, just need a little one for my din's
Two weeks at sea tomorrow at 0930 your time, 0730 for me, I think Ive got another 11>14 days to go, but the forecast says higher winds the closer I get to Barbados so I'll see what happens.
more later

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