Friday, December 4, 2009

Passage Thoughts

Hi all,
Passage thoughts...After being alone now for nearly 3 weeks many thoughts have come and gone, some will remain forever some forgotton. I thought I was hearing things! I could hear this sound but could not locate it, at first I thought my brain was making it up because I was missing all the normal sounds I'm used to. No, when I was in the cabin, or any where inside the boat I couldn't hear it. Then I tried to decide what it sounded like, I don't have the words, every time I came up with an idea it just didn't decribe it properly. Uhmmm. It's like a song being played on an instument I've never heard before, I can hear something resembling chords, but thats not quite it, I've been at this now for days, and early evening today I think I've cracked it.
Your in the woods and theres a wind blowing, you hear, what we call, the wind sighing in the trees, a beautiful sound, somtimes it can sound like someone is talking or singing but you just carn't make out the words!
Bingo! Thats what I'm hearing, its the wind and the ocean making this sound, every wave is different and so is the wind, the wind is being changed by the waves, this changes the sound, so the song is constantly changing too.
The Ocean Sings!
And its also a beautiful sound. You've just got to be there havn't you, to experiance something strange like that, I've sailed on big ships in every ocean and never heard this sound before, but praps you need a quiet sailboat to be able to hear it at all.
(or three weeks alone to go quietly MAAAAD).
Other thought was Sue and Dick who I wish very dearly were still here with me experiencing all this stuff, I've no one right here to tell what i'm feeling, about things that they are experiancing at the same time, makes it a different experiance. I've only met 3 others single handing, they know what I mean.
One more thought, as I get closer and closer to Barbados and more things to see, hear, and people to meet, I feel sad that the sights sounds and people I've already met are now in the past, its a never to be repeated journey, impossible. I'll leave that thoght there.
PS. the boat is proving itself to be an amazing passage maker, so sea kindly, even when its RUF, have hardly taken any water on deck all this time. as I write Position: 14,26.64N , 047,17.26W Speed: 5 knots, Course: 279 deg. Time UTC -3hrs 2030hrs my time
More later


  1. Thinking of you, Roy - I check your blog daily! Margaret

  2. Roy,

    There should be a book coming out of this trip. Great writing. In spirit we are with you all the way. Iorwerth. Ken & Keith