Friday, November 27, 2009

Routine duties

Hi All,
Thought I'd tell you my daily routines.
When it gets light I go round the deck if its not to rough, I check all the shackles and rig to make sure nothings coming undone, whilst doing that I am throwing the dead flying fish off the deck, avaraging between 8-15 every morning! bit rough this morning so will leave that job for a bit. I then put the positions on the chart before sending them to Carolyn to enter on the blog map. Then do a blog post if I feel in the mood.
Yesterday I ran the watermaker for the first time, required the engine starting, fist time since leaving Gomera! water was a neccecity as I've ran out of things to wear, and have to wash some gear, it got dirty then went in washbag, that happened at least 4 times with each piece, but even I carn't put anything back on again now. (PAIN) So today will finish that, the gear has been in the bucket all night, fermenting by now no doubt, havent looked yet. Water Maker works fine, made 15-20ltrs, carnt tell exact as dont have gauge on watertank, but filled a stowaway bag first to see how much was coming out. The water does taste very nice and I drank quite a bit too.
Have learned to do just one job a day, that way I don't get distracted, already been there and the outcome is not good. Fishcake day in particular.
I am running out of cig's as well now, so I won't be able to even talk to myself soon without getting my head bit off!
Have a bit of rolling bacy left, and as a last resort 5 hand rolled, while I watched, cigars, famous apparently (Winston Churcill used to smoke them) made in a shop for me at Santa Cruz La Palma. But think I'll stick to my plan for them, Ill tell about that when it happens.
Have to clear the decks of the fish now, before they become one with Guiding Light.
More later

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