Monday, November 23, 2009

Sat, Sun update

Hi all, To keep everyone up to date, there was an increase in the wind about 0200hrs Sun. to a F5, its stayed that way since, still keeping an eye on Fred, caught a breaking wave port broadside in this crossed swell, took a greeny on board, aft hatch was closed but had forgotten fwd one, so pillow and aft end of bed soaked again.
Don't get to see a lot when the sea becomes a bit rough, but saw plenty of flying fish, in fact hundreds.
Question? when swimming they are a school of fish, when the whole school comes out the water at the same time is that called 'A Flock of Flicking Flying Fish'? cos they go a long long way by dipping their tails back in the water, flicking like mad many times, and keep airborne for ages. Found 3 on deck Sunday morning + 1 squid, last night however they behaved like mackeral giving themselves up in droves, they fly quite different at night coming out and gaining considerable hieght, I caught 6 live ones, put them in the bucket for today, and will be trying to eat one later, this morning going round the deck on routine duties I threw about 30 dead ones overboard!
I am only 60 Nm from the island of Sal this morning, think I will arrive in the dark, so don't know whether to carry on to Mindelo on the Island of Sao Vicente, 2 friends Sue and Andy on s/y Spruce are there already and that would take me to Tuesday morning. Trouble is I would not go back to Sal and then miss seeing it. Ill see what the weather is like on arrival and decide then.
More coming.

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