Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update log

Hi All,
Mondays, not sure but mine wasn't the best day I've had.
To carry on, there's a bucket with 6 fish in it! its 10am Monday and I'm feeling peckish, how do I eat these little things? had a think and 'fish cakes' popped in my brain, the idea wouldn't go away,
so, me-thinks, what are they made from and how do you make them? answer = mash potato and of course the 6 waiting fish, Im starving now thinking of fish cakes, haven't got time to boil potato's so weres the packet mash gone, then I thought they could be the ten unidentifiable shiny plasic bags I found in the stores! Bingo cadburys smash, now never having made that either had to think about that too. To cut a long story here, after producing 8 misshapen things that looked like no fishcake I've ever seen before, and having to wash the cockpit out, and every cooking utensil and pan I posess needing a clean, + a full washdown of myself, all this to remove the residue of the preceeding 4hrs!! (PS. the six fish didnt survive this process and were subsituted by 2 tins of tuna (that needed another think sesh))
I must say in my defence the wind had increased up to 20>22 knts during this caper, boat speed was up to 7.8Knts and the waves were chucking the boat and me about a bit, well thrown about a lot. Lessons learnt, don't make fishcakes in a F5. Its now Tuesday and I've only got one left, they did taste ok honest.
Well were am I?... I arrived at my waypoint just north, 2.5 miles, off the coast of Sal in Cape Verde Islands at 1830hrs Monday (last) night, made it in 6 days and 9 hrs.
I couldn't see the island at all as the visibility has been dropping for 2 days due to blown sand from the Western Sahara Desert, and was now less than 2 miles, wind was still 21 knts E, the very direction I needed to go. So decision time again, I wasn't hungry, (as above) I've not touched the main body of stores yet, I'm doing 7+knts,????, then a diti came to mind. "When you are up to your neck in the swamp, surounded by Aligators, its very dificult to remember your original plan was to drain the swamp. Up to my neck = sailing along, surounded = Islands, swamp drain = cross the Atlanic! So thats the decision, not stopping and I'll drain the swamp. At 0930hrs today I started my second week, miles covered 850, Position: 15,53.3N , 23,58.81W, Dist to go to WPT 6 = Barbados is 2,133 Nm = 2>3 weeks ish.
I'm on my way across!
if anyone leaves me a comment, (Please do) please remember I can not view the blog at sea and will have to wait till I get tuther side to read them, but will keep writing to it on passage.
More coming


  1. Roy,
    Enjoy reading your detailed blogs and wish you a good and safe trip across to the other side. Here's to meeting you in Auckland same time next year. Iorwerth, Ken and Keith ex - Bulls's Head.

  2. Roy,
    I hear you met my friend Tony in St Lucia the other day. White hair and a beard, likes to draw. Your journey sounds exciting. Good luck and best wishes. From Ashley in the UK