Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fri-Sat update

Hi all,
Friday was quite quiet, the wind and waves died down and a comfortable days sailing ensued. I didn't get up to much at all, in the afternoon it began to get very hazey and the humidity increased a lot, my hygrometer said 67& rel, as the evening progressed the boat was literaly dripping wet and water was pouring off the sails.
At 9pm I was treated to another spectacular event, this was the young squid (4>6" long) had come up from the deep to feed on the plankton, and the dolphins had come to feed on them, wow, the squid can turn on a very powerfull flash of light as they shoot off to get away, so all around me at various depths were these lights, hundreds of them, many were zooming out the water over the boat (found 8 on deck this morning)the dolphins were using my boat I think as a light source and I could see the trails of bioluminesence as they wizzed all over the place, only lasted about 15-20 minutes, but very interesting.
Today Saturday, the wind started to pick up about 0300hs this morning went from F1 up to a F5 by 0330 and has stayed that strong all day, the sea has got very big now and as I'm sailing pretty close to down wind have been keeping my eye on Fred the pilot, I can not knock his performance, every time I think its about to broach, Fred calmly brings it back on course, I couldn't possibly have kept this up myself all day, so still very impressed with Hydrovane. Present Position: 21,3.29N , 20,51.35W
Speed: 5 knots, Course: 195 deg.

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