Friday, November 20, 2009

Log 2- G > C

Hi all, Thursday 19
Going very well here, having a nice wind blowing, sea is not rough but being the Ocean some waves are humongously big.
Early in the dawn I thought I could see another yachts light in the far distance, so as the sun climbed above the low cloud I was concentrating on that spot at 0910hrs when there was a very loud whoosh of a whale spouting off, I looked and it was alongside the boat on the starboard side, the noise had made me jump out of my skin, a Pilot whale had sneaked up behind me to pay a visit, about 24-30 ft long, I rushed down below to get the camara came back but for an hour and a half while he went round crossing very close to the bow, dropping back portside, then coming round the stern up the starbside only spouting every 5 mins or so, I didn't get a shot of him, well nearly but all you see is the foam, he did trick me a couple of times and blew off behind me when I was expecting him to be on the other side, I crossed my fingers hoping he wouldn't have a go at mating with Guiding Light though, they do glide effortlessly through the water and it was a sight to see up so close.
Rest of the day has gone very well, making good speed and keeping on course with a good wind and direction.
While checking the stores of fresh veg in the afternoon noticed the colly was going off really quick, so tonight have had a roast chicken again, took pic to prove it, lovely, had to gybe tack at 1915hrs cos a bit too bumpy and couldn't get it out the oven, stayed that way doing 5 knts while having my din dins.
Nice wind is still blowing so expecting no drama's tonight
More soon

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  1. Hi Roy - I work in the communications team at Inmarsat, producing the Ocean Voice ezine. I see you have Inmarsat equipment installed and I think your voyage would make an interesting story. If you are happy to take part and let me have an email address I could send over some questions. Many thanks,