Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Log 1 Gomera to Cape Verde Islands

Hi everyone,
Plan A has been initiated, only difference was leaving time, the forecast wind came through 3 hours early with heaven forbid Rain! havent had any of that for 4 months ish, I wasn't ready to go and by the time I was about 4pm it was gusting as well so decided to cancel and go Tuesday.
So left Marina La Gomera at 0930hrs, wind had steadied during the night and Gill + Dennis from the s.y. Te Bheag (Llew and myself met them in Baiona) helped me leave the berth, they left for Cape Verde as well on Tuesday, think it was about 12 noon, I had good wind till about 1.30pm then the wind suddenly dropped as I went through the shadow of Gomera, Gill and Dennis were a long way behind but started to catch me up very quickly, I sat there and watched doing 1.3 knts, as they came closer, I could see they had the wind no prob, and when about 2 miles away I got it too.
My plotted route is too Bridgetown Barbados and the plotter gave 2,996 NM to destination, 780 NM to Cape Verde, have passed on the posns for the map at the bottom and my current Position is: 26,26.27N , 17,29.59W Speed: 3 knots, Course: 230 deg.
wind is still with me this morning but not as strong as during the night.
Must admit I left a bit nervous, it is a long way to go, but after a night at sea and watching the dawn this morning I'm back to normal.

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