Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday 13 July, not friday

I know everybody is checking and it appears nothing has happened for a bit,,,but,,,,,,well I havent moved except for turning the boat arse face about. Its difficult to explain, finding the people to do what you need is as difficult in UK as here in Espania, prob here is, for me, no Spanish, I am a Scouser however, and, I speak through my dnose and do a lot of waving my hands about (spilling drinks, OP's and my own) in an unknown and unwritten but internationaly recognised sign/sound language (if you can spell or draw pictures on beer mats as well) while pissed out of one's tree! in a strange bar, soooo,
I have achived the following here:-
1) at the sharp end, ermm, the end of the bow sprit, I fitted the jib sail foot fitting, it's only taken me 14 years to get round to that; Its been in the bosun's bag waiting all this time. Carolyn is right, but not only the house, my boat is also full of unfinished projects!
2) I found spinniker pole ends exactly 48m/m in dia that fit the home made (Dick and I) whisker poles (sawn in half dingy mast) fitted in Falmouth perfectly!! prob of losing jib sheets sorted. I did also file the sawn ends smooth.
3) Finding the right speck for the cockpit washboards, 2 sliding locks and 2 holes drilled, sorted! magic place. Dick & Sue should know exactly were they are now.
4) Main Sail! Llew can tell the story when off Ramsey in a F5 (I dont forget Llew's herculian heave with the Dingy), Llew holding the boat into the wind and me losing my grip on the boat and swinging overboard hanging on for grim death on the main halyard, pain in the arse, Ive fitted lazyjacks, dont like them on a classic boat but hell on my own its always been a bastard lowering the main, and energy consuming. tested and they work!! Sorted!
5) Running Backstays:- Well I've never figured out how to stop them rubbing the mainsail stitching away on the leeward side, Dick and myself came up with an option but no good, as on that side climbing out the cockpit is not the best idea when trying to tack on watch alone, 2 small blocks 1 each side and a piece of line running the backstay to were we had the idea. Sorted!
6) Finding a suitable wind steering device, measuring and ordering and receiving it here.
Im missing my golfing umbrella like mad. Cockpit gets wet! Dick had to go home with it.
7) Sourcing a Stainless steel supplier. Then an engineering company to bend it.
8) Sourcing a wood Yard who Has Teak! then sizing and receiving.
9) most important, designing a sympathatic to boat design, bracket mounting, trying to follow the lines of the hull for the Hydrovane auxillary rudder, then manufacturing and fitting it alonside in a Marina!
Soooo Ive been a bit busy to do a blog update. have crap internet, but will try and post some pics before I leave here.


  1. Hello Roy: How are you today? Did you sleep well after the octopus? Are Sonia there with you helping you and Fred to get live? The evening starts. Well i have news about anchor in Sada. I talked with my dad and he told me tha is no problem to anchor there in the port, not for too long but a few days with no problem. i know exactly in wich place in the port cos we had the boat there a coulpe of years. Well if you need help today please tell me, tell Sonia to phone me and i'll be there in a few minuts, i'd bring you some octopus. Hugs and regards

  2. I'm not Keka. What happen? i'm isabel